I wish I could tell my church……

When my office door is closed and no one’s around I often feel confused about what’s next. I often feel like if God doesn’t show up, we’re in trouble, because I don’t know what to do next.

I know how to listen without judging. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. What matters is you have an opportunity to start over in Christ.

I am more insecure than most people think.

If you don’t give and serve and sweat blood for the mission, instead of criticizing the way things are we want you to just shut up.

Some of us are girls.

A year ago, I asked about 20 pastors what they wish their church members knew, then published a blog post with the results. I didn’t think much of it, other than appreciating the honesty of those who responded, but it’s become one of the most shared, most commented-on posts in my seven years of blogging. A follow-up the next week was almost as popular.

Christian Standard has asked me to develop a regular “column” of sorts with several (anonymous!) quotes on this topic from different ministers. It will be in each monthly issue of the print magazine, beginning this summer, which means each month I’ll need three or four soul-baring, thought-provoking, or perspective-shifting (and anonymous!) comments from ministers. I’ll ask my network of pastor friends, of course, but I’d love for YOU to contact ME—leave a comment below with your “what I wish my church members knew” or email me at jen@seejenwrite.com.

Lead guys, planters, associates, worship, outreach, discipleship, small groups—whatever your role, if you’re a vocational minister, take a few minutes to consider what you’d really like your church—and many CS readers—to think about, and let me help you share it. Anonymously.

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