help—what should I teach on?!?!

About twice a year, Brian Jones and his entire team at Christ’s Church of the Valley host a Northeast Pastors Summit that draws leaders from not only our part of Philadelphia but New York, Maryland, D.C., and beyond. The entire thing is free of charge and includes a great lunch and top-notch speakers; next month it will be Greg Nettle.

In addition, the Summit also includes a few breakout sessions, and Brian’s team was kind enough to invite me to lead one at the event in March. They said to choose a topic that could appeal to a broad range of leaders, from children and student ministers to worship guys, lead guys, etc.



For serious, people, I need help. If you are a leader in some capacity in the local church and you were attending an event like this, what kinds of stuff would be really helpful and appealing to you? And given that I’m not a local church leader, and my expertise runs mostly to accruing large library fines and disguising vegetables in Crockpot meals, can you think of anything helpful I could add to the conversation?

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