hands tied, cursor blinking

apple-desk-office-technologyI haven’t blogged since before the election. I wrote a post late last night, and I can’t bring myself to publish it because it includes heat as well as light. While the points in it are valid, and I want to share them, I have no desire to spend the rest of the day debating it in the Facebook comments. People are committed to their reasons and rationalizations and I’m not going to change anyone’s mind. History will have to do that. More importantly, I also have no wish to cause division with those in our church who see things differently. Pastors – good ones, anyway – don’t use their position to push political opinions and that probably has to include their wives, as well.

Yet I can’t publish the post I previously scheduled for this week, either. It’s a good piece and I’ll share it next week, but today it feels like something must be said about the state of our country, and about the evangelical church, and about how we have become a nation of Philadelphians who don’t listen and won’t shut up. But I can’t say it. And if I did, it wouldn’t matter. We have bought a ticket for this ride and there are no refunds, no matter how ugly it becomes.

So this is it for today. Probably still too much. Back to work, back to prayer, back to normal here next week.

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