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For Christmas this year I want a mentor.

Two years ago, a friend told me about a Roman Catholic guy who had been his spiritual advisor and sounding board for decades. He said his relationship with this man, the conversations they’d had and the books he’d been challenged to read and the insights he’d gained in the process, was one of the most significant parts of his spiritual growth.

I have many people I trust and look up to and learn from, including the friend who shared this story, so my Christmas wish is not intended to minimize how much they matter to me. But if I could have anything for Christmas, it would be a woman who could play this role in my life. She’d be at least 15-20 years older, educated and professionally successful, with a happy marriage and healthy friendships, and living within an hour or two of my home. She would be a Christian of some stripe, whose denomination would matter much less than her willingness to think critically. Since it’s Christmas, I’ll even dream that she married later in life and became a stepmom.

I’m a successful freelancer, but that means working mostly on other people’s stuff. Sometimes I want to do more than that, but what? Despite good self-discipline and time management skills, I constantly feel rushed and drowning in to-dos. How do you plan your day? What should I be reading, studying? Would graduate school be a huge help or a massive distraction? Where do I have potential, and what do I need to work on?

Most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing, and I know to some extent that’s just life for all of us. But I’d like to wander a little less and move forward purposefully a little more, so this year that’s my request, for Santa and for God. Perhaps I should email Barbara Brown Taylor and see if she’s busy……..

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