good news, bad news: the moving edition

Good news: I can still fit in my high school prom dresses.

Bad news: I know this because they are all hanging in my closet and must be carted to Goodwill/schlepped to the new house/thrown away.


Good news: I scored a great deal on a good refrigerator with an automatic icemaker.

Bad news: It won’t be delivered until August 6.


Good news: My lawn is receiving lots of free fertilizer.

Bad news: From the many neighborhood dogs who aren’t on leashes during the day.


Good news: It is remarkably easy to balance my checkbook.

Bad news: This is a direct result of having no money in my checking account.


Good news: I’ve never been in such good shape.

Bad news: Because I’ve lifted everything I own at least four times.


Good news: I know how to fix incorrectly attached lawnmower handles, pry up cracked peel and stick tile, and clean paint goofs off baseboards.

Bad news: Figure it out.

There is always something to be thankful for, so I’m focusing on the good news. Hey, if I ever get invited to another prom, I’m SET.

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