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My family and friends are tired of hearing me gripe about how best-selling books like the Hunger Games trilogy and The Shack are full of punctuation and grammar errors (hello, Suzanne Collins) or paragraphs of unnecessary copy (I’m talking to you, William P. Young).

It’s too late for them, but I’m thrilled at an opportunity to help a new tribe of authors “give birth” to their books. Last week Ben Arment, founder of the STORY conference, creator of Dream Year, and author of Church in the Making, launched Dream Year Books, an April-December project that can help aspiring authors move past dreaming and into the (much more difficult) process of putting words on paper.

It’s hard work, but a simple concept: every Monday Ben will send participants an email with encouragement, insight, and that week’s goal. They’ll each have access to a Google doc where they can share their progress and post new material for feedback from the group. If they “work the program,” by December 31 each one will have a complete manuscript of the book they’ve always been meaning to write.

Not only will Ben help you conquer the inertia or insecurity that’s kept you from writing, he’s also eliminating some of the most common obstacles connected to next steps.

Participation in the program includes professional editing of your manuscript (by ME!), layout and cover design, and expert guidance through the process of e-publishing—Brandon Clements and his team will get ISBN numbers and barcodes, deliver files to the printer, and make each book available in print on Amazon/B&N and digitally on Kindle/Nook.

So you write the book, we’ll make it better and beautiful and available, and you’ll have it in your hand by this time next year. For reals. Click here and here for all the information and sign up before March 31.

Let’s work together to bring something new, beautiful, and grammar-error-free into the world. My loved ones will thank you.

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