repost: cracks of God

As I type this, I’m hiding from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Every month or so two of them appear on my doorstep, pamphlets in hand, asking for my time and suggesting I read articles with titles like “The Truth about Halloween.” Because the walk to my front door passes right by the dining room window, and because I spend much of my workday on the comfy red chair in front of that window, it’s easy for them to spot me inside. To avoid talking to them I’ve taken to …


disagreeing with “the Benedict option”

When I spoke at ICOM about biblical interpretation and how that should influence our role in the culture wars (thank you, Jim Tune, for giving me such an easy assignment!), I said this:

“We love the Bible. Do we believe what it says? Because if we do, we don’t need to be afraid. And we don’t need to be jerks with people who don’t believe it. What we need to do is live and love and work and embody the gospel among them for a long time, for …


This can be the best time for the church – in spite of Trump

I am more fearful for the American church during Trump’s presidency than I ever was during Obama’s.

The American church panicked as Obama legalized gay marriage, which many evangelicals saw as a direct violation of the Christian scriptures and their own religious beliefs. Many Christians also took issue with Obama’s approach to health care, foreign policy, the environment, and federal spending.

Many Christians railed against these policies, maligned Obama, and feared for the future of the nation. However, many of them also grappled more deeply with their understanding of biblical sexuality, prayed more strongly for …


ten ways to celebrate next year’s “National Day of Patriotic Devotion”

Declare yourself at war with your local news station.

Talk to a lot of white men. Repeatedly blame one of your professional failures on “the illegals.”

Sit outside in the rain blessings from God.

Have a party for ten people. The next day, tell everyone there were at least fifty folks there.

Add razor wire to the fence around your back yard.

Act like you make 1/1000th of what you actually make. Call people in your actual income bracket “elitist.”

Insult and interrupt everyone you know. Later, criticize them for not liking you.

Celebrate the complete eradication of ISIS from the face of the earth.

Buy American. Realize that leaves very little …


I could totally/never do that!

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

alley-inner-cityTwo mistakes are easy to make when reading B.J. Leonard’s story. The first is to think you could never do what he did—give up your dream house in the suburbs to move into the inner city with your wife and three young kids. The second is to believe you could totally do what he did because you’ve romanticized it as a sequel to “The Blind Side.”

B.J., his wife, Mary, and his daughters aren’t reaching out …


hands tied, cursor blinking

apple-desk-office-technologyI haven’t blogged since before the election. I wrote a post late last night, and I can’t bring myself to publish it because it includes heat as well as light. While the points in it are valid, and I want to share them, I have no desire to spend the rest of the day debating it in the Facebook comments. People are committed to their reasons and rationalizations and I’m not going to change anyone’s mind. History will have to do that. More importantly, I also have no wish to cause division …


the sisterhood

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

4-unique-ways-women-entrepreneurs-are-helping-each-other-succeed-1000x600A few years ago I planned a special event for women in ministry, open to any lady on staff at a church or parachurch organization. A few guys I know found it hard to understand.

“So it’s a women’s ministry event?”

“Not exactly. It’s for women who are IN ministry.”

“Oh, you mean like women married to pastors?”


I don’t have anything against celebrating women or pastor’s wives (I happen to be both) but that’s not the audience I’m most interested in.


fear not

94270-90683I am angry about the state of our union. And I’m not alone. But anger isn’t the core problem.

In January, the Esquire/NBC News “American Rage Survey” reported that half of Americans are angrier than they were a year ago. In February, BBC.com reported that 69 percent of Americans are either “very angry” or “somewhat angry” about “the way things are going” in the United States. As I write this, the day after the Orlando nightclub shooting, I’m sure the numbers are even higher.

We are angry about climate change, about …


when will we all grow up?

It is not possible for a Christian to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Continue reading


why them?

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

Red Cleats Safe on BaseIn her memoir Lit, Mary Karr quotes her father speaking about the well-off: “Born on third base . . . and they think they hit a home run.”

I was born on second base, at least, and when I was a kid the game was black and white. People who don’t have jobs should get them, if you’re a responsible and hard-working person you will be able to afford a place to live, and only those with lesser character …