the sisterhood

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

4-unique-ways-women-entrepreneurs-are-helping-each-other-succeed-1000x600A few years ago I planned a special event for women in ministry, open to any lady on staff at a church or parachurch organization. A few guys I know found it hard to understand.

“So it’s a women’s ministry event?”

“Not exactly. It’s for women who are IN ministry.”

“Oh, you mean like women married to pastors?”


I don’t have anything against celebrating women or pastor’s wives (I happen to be both) but that’s not the audience I’m most interested in.


repost: just one story?

This past weekend I had the huge privilege of speaking at the International Conference on Missions, and yesterday I had the privilege responsibility annoyance of sitting in the Bucks County Courthouse for day two of our never-ending custody hearing. Put those together, and it means two things: I do not have an original blog post to share this week, and I am thinking again about this brilliant essay my friend Laura first allowed me to publish on my blog in 2013. Click here to read more from her.

Today my friend Laura Buffington shares her story about growing up in …


single minded

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

man-wantedIt doesn’t surprise me that Mark Thornton is single.

Not because he isn’t great—in fact, this God-loving, hard-working guy will be a catch for the right mission-minded girl. (Ladies, I have his number.) But because he’s chosen to live and work in the inner city, I guessed he was unmarried even before our phone interview confirmed it.

“I’m a single guy with no kids, so I don’t mind living with sex offenders all around me,” he said during that conversation. “But …


VFW 1965

Last week during my preaching class, Dr. Wymer shared some very interesting information on the various generations currently in the church, the challenges and opportunities of preaching to each one, and the really fascinating historical cycles that have repeated since the Revolutionary War (!) in our country.

It reminded me of this guest post from my friend Kyle Baker that I have been holding on to. He makes a great point that while generational differences are real, human nature affects us all, and no generation (even the “greatest”) should be put on a moral pedestal. Thoughts?



repost: worth the weight?

I originally posted this three years ago, a few months before I got married. I still struggle with this complex issue. Yesterday I even did what I wrote I’d never do and told Nina I felt fat.

I recently read Portia de Rossi’s autobiography, Unbearable Lightness, a brutal book about her struggles with anorexia. I respect her unflinching account of this time in her life: forcing herself to run sprints in a Beverly Hills parking garage (dodging people and cars) to burn off a pack of sugarless gum; lunging around her apartment, instead of walking, …


going strong

My latest editorial in Christian Standard:

amor copy“I am the least likely person to lead a trip of women,” Gayla Congdon said during our interview. “I grew up with brothers and I’m not a ‘woman’s retreat’ kind of person. I want to do something that matters.”

Apparently she’s not alone—the Women of Strength trips she started in 2012 have had to be capped at 65 people, and dozens of ladies have attended more than one. A significant number of the participants aren’t even Christians, but find …


repost: girl scout badges for today’s women

The Upper Hand: Awarded for juggling three bags of groceries, a large purse, a cell phone and mail while successfully unlocking the front door without dropping anything. Bonus points if the grocery bag contains eggs or you are also holding a baby.

The Slim Chance: Awarded to any woman who can wear a size eight after age 40.

The This Too Shall Pass: For handing the communion tray to the person sitting next to you without bitterness that you’re not allowed to stand at the end of the row and receive it.

The Sick and Tired: For keeping one’s mouth …


wife support

It was probably normal to be a bit depressed Monday.

For one thing, I was sitting in the Orlando airport, preparing to fly back to highs of 25 degrees and 8-12 inches of snow after several days of sunny warmth. Ironically, Monday was also the nicest, brightest, warmest day of the six I was there; we shivered our giblets off at Disney World on Sunday and ran past frost-covered windshields to get back to our car after the fireworks.

For another, I was ending a vacation of …


repost: what singles want to tell your church

This past weekend, after Nina came home with the stomach flu on Friday and before Matt got it on mile 20 of the Philadelphia marathon on Sunday, Matt and I presented a workshop at the Eastern Christian Conference on what churches should understand about blended families and how they can best minister to the parents, stepparents, and kids. Before jumping into the complexities of divorce and remarriage, we spent a few minutes talking about singles—what we learned as single or single-again people in our 30s and what we wish churches understood about them. I pulled quite a bit from this …


just one story?

Today my friend Laura Buffington shares her story about growing up in the Christian church, sensing a call to ministry, and trying to honor that call as a woman. I’m inspired and encouraged and saddened and challenged by her words, and I’m grateful for their honesty and humility. Simply put, I HAD to share this–thanks, Laura, for telling your story so well and allowing me to publish it here.

This will start out looking like a story about me.  But if I tell it right, hopefully …