fear not

94270-90683I am angry about the state of our union. And I’m not alone. But anger isn’t the core problem.

In January, the Esquire/NBC News “American Rage Survey” reported that half of Americans are angrier than they were a year ago. In February, BBC.com reported that 69 percent of Americans are either “very angry” or “somewhat angry” about “the way things are going” in the United States. As I write this, the day after the Orlando nightclub shooting, I’m sure the numbers are even higher.

We are angry about climate change, about …


join the club!

It seems like I am reading all the time.

I constantly have a a pile of books queued up and waiting for me, and I always have at least one going. But last week I reviewed my reading log and discovered I’d only read 23 books so far this year. My goal is one a week; apparently I spend more time queuing than I do reading.

51idSm4KvzL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Around the same time,  I posted an interview …


preaching at ICOM

It was a privilege—and a lot of fun—to speak at the International Conference on Missions a couple weeks ago. Here’s what I had to say, followed by a short Q&A with Caleb Kaltenbach and Ben Cachiaras.


forget about forgiving everyone

A few times a year, Jim Tune asks me to write something for the Reignited journal. Here’s my latest article.

Matt recently preached on forgiveness, and after the service a thoughtful guy named Eric caught him near the coffee and carbs to question his message.

“I think you’re wrong,” Eric said. “God doesn’t ask us to forgive everyone. He asks us to forgive like he does—which means forgiving anyone who repents.”

From our earliest days in church, we are taught about a God who has forgiven all people, …


big, wealthy, and white-collar. is this the only church worth serving?

When I shared the news of my engagement last November, one friend wrote to say he was very happy for me, but he wondered if I might be squandering my talents on a small church and said the megachurch congregation where he had recently preached seemed more like the congregation I should be impacting as a pastor’s wife.

Matt has received similar questions from well-intentioned people inviting him to lead larger churches or questioning why someone with two master’s degrees would serve a community where many people stopped their education after high school.


God does not have a plan for your life

I recently wrote this article for Christian Standard magazine, and I’m already getting lots of feedback on both sides of the issue. Click the link below to read the entire article on the CS site.

“God’s plan for your life isn’t a map you see all at once, but a scroll unrolled a little at a time, requiring faith,” Rick Warren recently tweeted.

“God will accelerate his plan for your life as you put your trust in him. God is giving you victory sooner than you think,” says Joel Osteen.

Less prominent Christians champion the theology as well. …