be an Indian giver

So when you’ve never really preached given a talk in your life, you definitely want your first message to be for people in India, sharing thoughts on facing persecution.

Because yeah, they deal with death threats and banishment from their families, but here there are places that don’t even display a Nativity scene at Christmas. Obviously we have some things to teach them.

Well, I have nine months to figure out what I’ll say, because Ajai Lall has asked me visit Central India Christian Mission¬†this October to speak at their 18th annual youth conference. Matt and I will speak at the main sessions for as many as 2,000 Indian high school and college students on the theme “Courage to Stand Alone”–the Christian life without any compromise. We’ll also have the privilege of teaching some additional classes, meeting CICM’s evangelists and the kids in their orphanages, and visiting some local church plants and meeting with the leaders.

Like many times when I choose to say yes, I’m a bit nervous and a lot excited. We will get to experience this country and its wonderful people for the first time, we’ll have truly epic jet lag, we’ll share moments that will be milestones in our faith journey and in our marriage, and at least one of us will probably end up vomiting. If you’re a person who prays, will you pray for us as we prepare for this adventure?

I may want to bring home a little Indian person. Is this allowed?

We’ll be using some of our own money to finance this mission and a few people and churches with whom we have relationships have committed funds as well. But together we need to raise $5,000 for the trip. If you’re a person who has the gift of giving, will you consider helping, too?¬†You can send a check to CICM (9425 N. Meridian Street Ste 281/// Indianapolis, IN 46260) with “Johnson travel to India” on the memo line. Your gift will be processed completely through them and you’ll receive a receipt for your taxes.

And if your church is within a reasonable drive of Philly and a supporter of Ajai and his work in India, I would also be happy to share our experience with your mission team or elders after we get back. Shoot me a note at jen@seejenwrite.com if you want to talk about ideas.

Thanks in advance for anything you might choose to do—it will help us, and more importantly it will help thousands of young people in India, kids who already know more than I do about standing strong in their faith. I’m honored by the chance to go and grateful for your support!


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