an unwatched interview

I’m doing something I’ve never done – I’m posting a video without watching it first.

As I type, I’m sitting on an air mattress on the floor of a classroom at Oscar Smith Middle School in Chesapeake, VA as part of a one-week youth mission trip that began 36 hours after I returned from California. I have one hour until the blessed lights-out at 11:30 pm, which will precede a fitful night of sleep which will end at 5:30 am and be followed by breakfast in the Oscar Smith Middle School cafeteria and a kickoff prayer circle at the Oscar Smith Middle School football field and a day of power washing and painting an elderly woman’s home. Oscar Smith Middle School had better make good coffee.

So you can understand why I am not taking the 13 minutes to preview this video interview I did at the NACC with my friends Melissa Sandel and Rob Kastens for Christian Standard. But I was there when it happened and I remember both Melissa and Rob saying immensely helpful and insightful things about being an executive pastor. So if you are an EP, or interested in hiring one, or looking to work with yours better, watch on. And please think of me at 5:30.

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