a relationship rant

How many women do you know who are married to dumber or weaker men?

If you can count them on one hand, you must be missing some fingers.

Much has already been written about the extended adolescence of men–click here for a really good Wall Street Journal piece, and here for my response to it.)

These are real issues—as the WSJ writes, “American men have been struggling with finding an acceptable adult identity since at least the mid-19th century”—and the church needs to man up itself and start teaching “guys” what it means to be strong, godly men.

But ladies, you get what you tolerate, and too many of you have tolerated men who can’t lead themselves, much less a family.

No, there aren’t a ton of mature, disciplined, growing young men. There certainly aren’t many in their 20s. So what? Be single. The world will not cave in, and you will be glad, so glad, when you are married to an equal and a partner instead of a teenager.

If you’re already married to one of these guys, I can’t help you. I’m sure there are resources that can. But you single girls, take it from someone who’s been there, and who daily thanks her lucky stars for a smart, hard-working, goal-having guy. If you can’t look up to him in several ways……if you find yourself making excuses for him……if you can boss him around…..if you consistently work harder than he does……if you set boundaries and he ignores them…….if you turn down your own opportunities to keep him content with the status quo…..dump the dude and get on with it.

Life is too short for men who fall short.



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