a list for friday: what I spend my life doing

Climbing stairs

Checking for wrinkles

Packing for trips

Unpacking from trips

Looking for my silver hoop earrings

Shutting the shower curtain so it won’t get mildewy

Carrying the comics out of the living room where someone took them to eat breakfast

Making coffee

Buying milk

Forgetting one thing at the grocery store

Telling Nikki to move over

Convincing myself to work out

Piling books beside my bed

Knocking over the pile of books beside my bed

Hunting for cooking utensils after the kids unload the dishwasher

Wondering why something is sticky

Reminding Nina to bring a jacket

Reminding Nina to bring a toothbrush

Reminding Nina to wear shoes

Answering email

Bookmarking articles to read

Intending to clean out my car

Sweeping the kitchen floor

Stepping on kibble anyway

Cutting back the pumpkin plant devouring my garden

a) Telling myself  I can’t control it and I should let it go

b) Breathing deeply to let out anger over what I can’t control but if I could control it I’d do it way better

Feeling astonished at what the kids are allowed to do/watch/eat/get away with when they’re not here (see a and b)

Repeating myself

Repeating myself

Repeating myself

Picking my battles

Wishing I had another hour

Choosing, with many failures and many good intentions and a little progress each day, to be grateful.

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