a list for friday—trade-offs

Things I will gain by becoming a pastor’s wife, stepmom, and Pennsylvania resident:

–A new family, immediate and extended.

–A new church family.

–A best friend to go through life with.

–Back scratches from that friend as an inducement to watch Sunday afternoon football.

–Stepkids I adore.

–More laughter and more adventures. (“Jen, do you want to ride my tree swing??? Wait…….how often do you faint?”)

–Help maintaining and running a house.

–Never having to kill a rodent, investigate a scary noise, or fix a lawnmower again.

–Family dinners around the table.

–Someone who will talk, brainstorm, laugh and be honest with me.

–New friends.

–Closer proximity to my brother and sister-in-law in NYC.

–A really loveable, really BIG dog.

–An enhanced understanding of justice. (“It’s not fair that I’m losing at Scrabble, because you aren’t giving me enough points. Dad, he’s not giving me all the points.” “Nina, ‘phur’ is not a word.” “Well, it should be.”)

–More opportunities to serve and love others…..which means more purpose and fulfillment.

Things I will give up:

–My sunroom.

–Most of my free time.

–My zero-tolerance policy with picky eaters. (Who doesn’t like fruit?)

–Sole decision-making power over all decorating, vacation, and employment decisions.

–Closer proximity to my parents in Ohio.

–The ability to watch/read/listen only to what I like.

–Sleeping in.

–Warm-ish winters.

–My status as someone who has never been humped by a Siberian Husky.

–Eating dinner at 10 pm.

–Anytime access to the washing machine.

–My need to be right about things like the difference between a steak knife and a dinner knife. But seriously, who sets the table with steak knives when dinner is chicken parmesan? Okay, I have not given this one up yet.

–The ability to spend my money however I want.

–My own space.

–Most of my privacy.

The trade-offs are totally worth it, but it’s going to be an interesting year.

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