a list for friday—thoughts upon cleaning out my closets

If you see me buying more gift wrap on December 26th, please stage an intervention.

When did I think I would have time to learn 30 yoga poses?

If you can’t remember who the person is, toss the birthday card she sent.

Why do I own all these cookbooks when my typical dinner is graham crackers and a cheese stick?

No one needs seven gray sweatshirts.

I should not have more boxes of Christmas decorations than I have rooms in my house.

On a scale of 1-10, how ironic is it that “The Simple Living Guide” just fell on my head?

Answer: 11.

It’s time to get rid of the prom dresses. If I ever find myself attending another prom, I have bigger problems than what to wear.

I own 1200 copies of Martha Stewart Living┬ámagazine and still can’t fold a fitted sheet.

I used to fit in that??

Wonder what would happen if I just lit a match…….


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