a list for friday: things you could give up for Lent

Wednesday’s the big day. Instead of giving up Facebook or chocolate for forty days this spring, how about stopping one of these?

Talking about Whitney Houston

Beginning sentences with “Anywho…..”

Refusing to use your turn signal

Naming your kid “Archer”

Leaving your grocery cart in your parking spot for the next person to return

Using the airplane seat in front of you to hoist yourself to your feet

Wearing skinny jeans

Taking pictures of yourself pouting (girls only)

Bribing your child to end his tantrum

Talking on your cell phone in public bathrooms

Turning on the Christmas lights you still haven’t taken down


Wearing pajamas in public…..

….or any pants with “Juicy” written on the backside

Saying “We’re pregnant” unless both of you have a uterus with a person in it

Driving 20 miles under the speed limit

Asking “What can I do you for?”

Posting Facebook statuses that say if I really love Jesus, I’ll click “like”

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