a list for friday: things to do before I’m 40

With today’s birthday, I begin the long slow slide to 40—I’m now closer to that number than I am to 30. Which does not fill my heart with joy.

But when I turned 30 I said this would be my best decade, and so far that prediction has been spot on. In the last five (um, I mean six) years I’ve started my own business, bought a house, and gotten engaged. Also there was that summer I really dazzled everyone with my mad kickball skillz. So who knows what the rest of the decade might hold?

In that spirit, here are the things I hope to do before 2016:

Run a 10K.

Write a book and get it published by someone other than myself. (This is a maybe, as dependent on whether I have anything substantial to say as it is on the slim chance of finding a publisher. I have a theory that about 1 out of every 200 books published in this country really should have been.)

Learn how to stop worrying.

Wake up without a headache at least one morning.

Ski for 60 consecutive minutes without falling over and using words not appropriate for a pastor’s wife.

Visit my friend Wendy in Tanzania.

Speak somewhere, on something (“How I learned to ski as an adult, and an alphabetical list of the bones I broke”).

Bring my states visited list to 40. (Let’s kill two goals with one stone and find me a speaking engagement in Hawaii.)

Not be in the car when my stepchildren learn to drive.

Find a local, female mentor.

Finally work through the rest of the Jen U reading list.

Take a long journey by train.

Hold my niece or nephew (little brother, I’m talking to you).

Anonymously cover the cost of the meal in a restaurant for a family I don’t know.

Be on time for something. Anything.

Other thoughts on what I should do in the next four years?

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