a list for friday: things said to me this week

6 nights of VBS + basement waterproofing + a tough week with the steps + work craziness = the following:

Do you smell that?

Where did we put the feather boas?

Please sign for this package from Japan.

Did we just drill through your dining room wall?

Maybe you could bring 10 pounds of macaroni salad.

What subject did Nina get a D in last semester?

I just donated our plunger to the church. Trust me, we don’t want it back.

Tell me again when we’re going to Indonesia.

Please don’t fall off the ladder.

She usually doesn’t like stepparents to come to these meetings.

Nikki ate all your gum. Again.

Keep using your gift of sarcasm for the Lord!

Where’s the Advil?

Where’s the dead chipmunk?

Why do I have poison ivy all over my legs?

You can’t fix crazy.

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