a list for friday: things I’ve learned after one year

I love Philadelphia, and I love being so close to New York.

But there are more Italian restaurants than there are people.

You can either have a spotless house or sanity. Pick one.

Hydrogen peroxide + ice cream will make a dog throw up after he eats half a pan of brownies.

We may never own another Husky.

I married the kind of man who takes money on his Saturday morning runs so he can stop at little kids’ lemonade stands.

A challenging work project can be the easiest thing I do all day.

Two hours driving alone = 20 hours of therapy.

There’s no such thing as a normal week.

Make sure you have syrup in the house *before* making pumpkin pancakes for ten people.

Creating a nice Christmas is a LOT harder than my mom ever made it look.

It’s amazing what you can get done in an hour when you have to.

Middle schoolers are oblivious to their own B.O.

Some churches are small because they’re dysfunctional. Some are just small because they’re small, and slowly growing. Ours, happily, is the second type.

Love is attending a three-hour middle school band concert.

Nature trumps nurture.

The only one more patient than my husband is God.

How to twerk.

That Nina should not be allowed to twerk.

Parents are the ones with homework after the first day of school.

Kids believe want they want to believe, logic be damned.

Mother’s Day will be a bit difficult.

Whatever you’re feeling, it will change.

Make sure the back door is closed BEFORE the thunderstorm.

That thing about men not being able to multitask? Really true.

Those stereotypes about ex-wives? Also true.

That thing about happiness being a choice? Every day.

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