a list for friday: things I’m loving right now

Why should Oprah be the only one who gets to share her favorites with the world? Here are some things I’m reading, watching, using, (or eating!) that I love.

This cartoon (thanks, Lisa!).

Perspective on today.

Smart History, a free, interactive, and beautiful online art history lesson.

Rold Gold Cinnamon Raisin Braided Twist Pretzels. They will kind of change your life.

Smash—it’s like Glee for grownups (and with a plot).

The PaperKarma app: just snap a picture of the junk mail you don’t want to receive, and they’ll make it happen.

This quote from Cal Thomas in an old Christianity Today (thanks, Michael): “…the problem in our culture…isn’t the abortionists. It isn’t the pornographers or drug dealers or criminals. It is the undisciplined, undiscipled, disobedient and Biblically ignorant Church of Jesus Christ.”

The new shower curtain I bought for my future bathroom. Matt’s a good sport.

We Need to Talk About Kevin—a brilliantly-written, hugely disturbing novel. I finished it last night and had trouble sleeping. In a good way. (Also, if you haven’t read Columbine, you need to.)

This non-winter winter.

My “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” T-shirt.

Paper and More, because I’m making our wedding invites. Stop laughing.

SlowChurch.com, a blog by my friend Chris who’s writing a book of the same name.

The eight minutes a day I’m not coughing.

A retro phone handset for my iPhone.

This letter.

Word Welder. I will need a support group to stop playing this.

That Nichole Nordeman came out of retirement to write the new songs for The Story CD.

Publix-brand PeachMangoPassion Sherbet. Publix, please build a store up north.

This video:

What are you loving right now?

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