a list for friday: things I’m looking forward to at next week’s NACC

Matt Proctor’s opening message.

Thoughtful worship led by Matt Stafford.

Meeting people from the women in ministry group¬†(Wednesday at 3:30, ladies! I don’t know where yet.)

Having Miles as my date for Tuesday’s leadership dinner.

The two of us cramming into my parents’ hotel room for four nights.

Not reading any of the two dozen “welcome letters” at the beginning of the program book.

Observing the mass frenzy around the exhibit space with cheap Christian books.

Laughing with my friends on the tech crew.

Doing and moving and rescheduling whatever it takes to carve out time with Chris and Kristy Jefferson.

Two words: Eric Metaxas.

Attending the CCU dinner honoring my dad.

Sitting with my mom at the ladies’ luncheon and representing Standard at the beginning.

Connecting with a few current and potential clients on work projects.

NOT being asked, “Why aren’t you married yet?”

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