a list for friday—things I’d like to tell everyone

If we all stopped shopping there, Walmart would eventually go away.

Giving your kid an unusual first name does not make him special. That’s up to him. It just makes him a kid in suburbia with a weird name.

The sooner something’s dealt with, the easier it is.

You look thinner if your clothes aren’t skin-tight.

Most of the drama in your life is there because you allow it. (Or cause it.)

I didn’t come to the concert to hear you hum.

Not everything “happens for a reason.”

Sunscreen will postpone wrinkles. Tanning is poison.

It is not humane to own a dog and keep him chained up outside all day.

Often what bugs you about someone is a characteristic you have, too.

Taco Bell meat is actually only 36% meat.

There’s no good answer for someone to give when you ask, “Why aren’t you married yet?” At least not one they can say in polite company.

Neither political party has all the answers and nothing will get better until both are willing to compromise.

For the love of all that’s holy, pick up your feet when you walk.¬†

What would you like everyone to know?

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