a list for friday: things I wish I knew how to do

fold fitted sheets

wake up without coffee

stop eating chips and guacamole


write music

captivate an audience like Bill Clinton

compel obedience from our Siberian Husky

block Facebook posts based on specific words

unfrizz my hair

enjoy winter

sneak beans, carrots and cauliflower into brownies

stop caring what some people think

get on the staff at iTunes U (Anyone???)

love exercise

and also drinking water

pack light

write while Miles and his friend Tyler beat each other to a pulp in Wii Boxing

write while Nina sorts through two dozen nail polish colors and provides a running commentary on why she likes the pink one but it’s a little too pink, almost like salmon, and are real salmon really that color and why don’t we pronounce the L and maybe she will go with purple although there’s blue purple and red purple and it’s hard to decide and it would be fun to write with nail polish and writing 8 especially because 8s are all swirly

drive stick shift

use my husband’s &%$@ Dyson vacuum cleaner

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