a list for friday: things I don’t understand, part 18

Church services that start at 10:35 instead of 10:30.

Why my stepkids will eat broccoli and will eat cheese but will not eat broccoli with cheese.

Why my bank pays someone just to sit in the lobby and say hi.

Hotels that place full-length mirrors on the wall facing the toilet.

How we can have 43 pairs of scissors in our house but can’t find any of them.

Vegetarian hot dogs.

Why the people who say they “hate drama” always seem to be involved in the most drama.

People who call me and then say, “Who is this?” when I pick up the phone.

Still watching “The Bachelor.”

Why Arizona opts out of time change. And why they get to.

99% of all tattoos.

And tongue rings.

Why I have to reinstall Skype every time I want to use Skype.

Clients with “hugely urgent” projects who don’t return emails.

There’s (a lot) more

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