a list for friday: things I don’t understand, part 17


….some people feel compelled to back into every parking spot.

…..we insist on calling them “fun runs.” If running was fun it wouldn’t burn calories.

….the purchase of one loaf of bread creates a 14-inch-long receipt.

…..images of “Mary” in tree bark or burnt toast still draw crowds.

…..the ¬†Pennsylvania DMV takes checks and money orders but not cash.

……Nikki the dog picks up kibble with his mouth, carries it across the kitchen, and drops it on the floor to eat there.

…..and begs to go outside to pee so he can stand on the edge of the porch, casually reconsidering his options.

….girls make duck faces in pictures.

…….Sudoku is fun.

…..other women look so cute in scarves and I look like a dork wearing a curtain around my neck.

…..my stepkids are unable to sit on the couch without throwing all the pillows on the floor.

…..we still have the option to “poke” people on Facebook.

Yes, there’s (much) more.

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