a list for friday–numbers

Number of friends on Facebook: 628

Number of “friends” I’ve never met: 134

Number of bruises on my hind end after mountain biking last week: 3

Number of times I fell off the bike: 3

Number of times I’ll probably go biking again: 0

Number of old boyfriends whose birthdays I still remember for no reason: 7

Number of days each year I forget to take my multivitamin: 359

Number of times I’ve moved since college: 6

Number expressing my love of moving: -1004

Number of times I asked All Natural Lawns & Landscape to mow my lawn the last two weeks while I traveled: 2

Number of times they actually mowed: 0

Number I had to count to before calling them and expressing my unhappiness: 20

Number of comments on the CS version of Tuesday’s post: 17

Number that said I was doing  “violence to Scripture and to the sovereign character of God”: 1

Number of times I’ve decided to read through the Bible in a year: 5

Number of times I’ve actually read through the Bible in a year: 1

Number of years I’ve committed to journaling: 3

Number of years I’ve consistently written in my journal: 0

(Number of minutes I looked online to see if “journalled” was a word: 4)

Number of years I plan to make either resolution again: 0

Number of dollars I owe in library fines:

let’s just say I’m not allowed to borrow any more books right now.

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