a list for friday: firsts during my first week

It’s been a big week. Since Matt and I returned from our honeymoon on Sunday, I have…..

1. learned to rock climb

2. been asked permission to host sleepovers and eat ice cream

3. uttered the phrase, “I’m taking a shower. Please don’t kill each other.”

4. signed something as “Jennifer Johnson.” How many years before that isn’t weird?

5. jogged two miles with a Siberian Husky

6. folded a 13-year-old boy’s underwear

7. driven to New Jersey

8. written a check for $2 at a New Jersey toll booth (a tip: bring cash)

9. received and used the best wedding present ever: a TV armoire-turned-desk fitted out with overhead lights, homemade bulletin boards, and hanging storage. I’m married to a handyman rock star.

10. grocery shopped for four people

11. restrained myself from saying, after Nina remarked how dirty the living room was, “THEN CLEAN IT.”

12. worked at home with two kids wrestling in the next room (see #3)

13. learned to play Texas Hold ‘Em

14. Lost $8.43

15. participated in the first Major Purchase As A Couple (when you have to put blocks of ice in your refrigerator to keep it cooled down, it’s time for a new one).

16. been informed by a four-year-old named Lauren that “the floors are sticky.” (She’s kind of right.)

I suspect the list will hit 20 before the week is out.

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