a list for friday: actual book descriptions and when I stopped reading them

We’re heading to India on Monday so this may be my last post for a bit, although if I get the chance to say hello from across the world, I will. But Monday night we get on a plane in Philly and fly eight hours to London, wait a bit, then fly eight hours more to Delhi.

Matt is dreading it and trying to concoct the right mix of dramamine and Benadryl that will let him sleep through the whole thing. I, on the other hand, have been looking forward to it for a month—16 hours to read, with someone else serving me hot meals and red wine and no one rhythmically burping or answering every question with a blank stare and mumbled “I dunno”? YES.

So I’ve been looking for good books and sorting through the eblasts from Amazon and others with helpful suggestions of books I might like. The entire experience reminds me of my long-ago travails with eharmony; if these books really are good fits for me, I need to head right to self-help.

Here are the blurbs from some I won’t be taking:

“Voltar the Dragon wants to eat everyone, and”

“In 17th century Tokyo, a man and a woman are found dead in an apparent ritual suicide, but samurai Sano suspects murder.”

“The pyramids are one of the world’s greatest feats of engineering. Could the Egyptians have used kites to move the massive stones?”

“This gripping tale of love and war transports you to the 15th-century Tepanec Empire”

“Years ago, simple shepherd Bjarni refused his lover Helga’s invitation to join him in the city.”

“In this deeply inspiring Christian novel,”

“If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks,”

“Massage-therapist-turned-amateur-sleuth Sarah Woods is on the case.”

“Poker player Matt Freman thought his son was dead—so who was that on the phone?”

“Drug dealer Sam Altman graduates college in the ’60s, moves to Alaska, and transforms into a ram.”

“From a New York Times bestselling author comes a delightful caper perfect for “Golden Girls” fans!”

“Also includes a comprehensive, Bible-based Q&A section on Heaven and Hell.”


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