a list for friday: a day in the life

Wake up. Consider complete depravity of a culture that requires one to do anything before 9am. Consider going for a run. Decide tomorrow will be better.

7:40: Make coffee. Check five most important email accounts while waiting impatiently for cup #1.

7:42: Email from client. Can I write a special enews to go out tomorrow? Sure.

7:45: Email from another client. We need a press release. Sorry so late. Tomorrow? Sure.

7:49: Email from local client. Any chance we could squeeze in a one-hour meeting in Franklin on Friday? Sure.

7:54: Email from amateur book author who wants me to read five chapters of his 150-page novel and tell him what I think. Time for caffeine.

8:02: Consider checking other six email accounts. Decide to space out the fun.

8:05: Email this year’s NACC special guests to ask for short interviews for upcoming newsletters.

8:28: Edit and proof a proposal for a conference in California.

9:12: Text: “Is this still a good number for you? I would like to talk.” Have no idea who it is.

9:15: Write 500 words on how a church in Toronto is serving the immigrants in its community. Feel good about the story and how I write it.

10:21: Check Facebook. Wish it offered the ability to block individual status updates based on specific words.

10:29: Commit massive weedicide by spraying the equivalent of a bathtub of Round-Up on front flower beds.

11:18: Check mail. Nothing yet.

11:20: Shower, blow-dry hair, no makeup.

12:00: Lunch. Glance longingly at Kindle.  Write and format enews for client.

12:34: Email from client: Can we do a brief phone conference at 4:30 PST? Sure.

12:38: Receive email from sweet sister-in-law asking what I’d like for my birthday. Wonder if personal assistant/masseuse would be asking too much.

12:53: Call pastor to interview him for upcoming Christian Standard story. Fun conversation. Why yes, my dad is Mark Taylor.

1:26: Check the mail again. Feel silly at how much I love getting mail.

1:28: Receive two Val-pak coupon packs, an offer for life insurance and a copy of Fortune magazine sent to the wrong address.

1:49: Buy Southwest tickets for an upcoming trip.

1:57: Reset modem which causes wireless internet to go down completely. Call service line to find out that “yeah, that happens,” and resist the urge to ask in a scream-y way why they allow customers the reset option if it will inevitably take them offline. Ask in a sort of nice way.

2:23: Attempt to access Internet with the Ethernet cord. Discover none of the four Ethernet ports are working. Call service line again. Customer service guy does not know why the ports are not working. Demand a new modem within 48 hours at no charge. In not as nice of a way.

3:12: Steal neighbors’ wireless internet for the rest of the day.

3:14: Stare out the window at a tree.

3:22: Text from Nina: “85 days until the wedding! 😀 😀 :-D”

3:23: Holy crap. 85 days.

3:25: Call florist.

3:39: Call caterer.

4:03: Call photographer.

4:16: Tea. Cookie. Deep breath.

4:35: Second round of edits for a video script.

5:28: Write first draft of press release due tomorrow. Decide final edits can wait until the morning.

6:10: Okay, other six email accounts, your turn.

6:30: “Brief” phone conference.

7:32: Pinterest. Wonder what the heck is the point of Pinterest. Wonder why I have created a Pinterest account. Oooooh, look, purses!

7:58: Scour eBay for vintage train cases for reception centerpieces.

8:22: Text from Matt. One of the kids decided to be helpful and clean every kitchen surface with Pledge.

8:24: Edit three chapters of a client’s book.

9:43: Consider dinner. Kitchen contains fresh oranges and asparagus, pasta, whole-grain rice, edamame, black beans and cheese.

9:47: Pretzels dipped in peanut butter it is.

10:02: Decide Cabernet Sauvignon does not really enhance the flavors of peanut butter and pretzels.

10:03: Finally watch season finale of Downton Abbey that originally aired six weeks ago.

11:12: Pause. Should I have sherbet? I shouldn’t. But maybe if I run tomorrow….

11:13: Eat sherbet.

12:09: Set iPhone alarm for 7:30. Worry that it won’t go off because of that one time six months ago when it didn’t.

12:10: Bed. Kindle. Read three pages. Asleep.


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