a list for friday: 22 things you don’t know about me–ENHANCED VERSION

That meme is going around the Internets again, the one where someone gives you a number and you have to share that many things about yourself.

To make it more interesting, this list of facts about me has a twist–only 17 of them are true. There’s a $17 gift card to the retailer of your choice if you’re the first person to correctly guess all five fibs. Unless you’re my parents or my husband.

Let’s go:

1. I had braces my first two years of college.

2. My birthday is the same as Hitler’s. (Although our politics are different.)

3. I adore the flavor of licorice.

4. I’ve never watched an entire football game.

5. I accidentally stole Ben Merold’s sermon notes before he preached at the NACC.

6. I minored in Chemistry in college.

7. My pediatrician said I would be tall.

8. I’ve never been drunk.

9. I played the role of a Puerto Rican in my high school’s production of “West Side Story.”

10. The pinky finger on my right hand is twisty and kind of deformed.

11. I sang on the recording for Disney’s “Wonderful World of Color” laser show.

12. And on the demo tracks for a musical about the Amish.

13. Before I met a pastor named Matt, I almost married an atheist named Mike.

14. At age eight months I was baby Jesus in the church’s Christmas play.

15. My birth announcement was in Lookout magazine.

16. I can’t swim underwater.

17. My first pet was a beagle puppy named Jasper.

18. One Sunday morning I accidentally dropped a communion tray of full juice cups all over our church’s new carpet.

19. I’ve always wanted a pet turtle.

20. I’ve seen every episode of “Battlestar Galactica.”

21. I once sent “Phillips Craig and Dean” on stage at the wrong time and then hid backstage afterward so I didn’t have to face them.

22. After completely guessing on a Spanish achievement test in high school, I was awarded a trophy for being one of the state’s top scorers.

Think you know which five are fakes? Leave a note in the comments!

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