a list for friday: 12 moments I’m thankful for

American dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille once said, “No trumpets sound when the important decisions of life are made. Destiny is made known silently.”

There are many people, objects, places (and foods) I’m grateful for—in fact, click here for a short list—but this year I’m thanking God for some significant moments, a dozen decisions large and small that have shaped my life and made it better. Chance? Fate? As one of my favorite songs goes, “Either one is cause to celebrate.” Whether they’re from luck or from God or a combo of the two, here are some moments I’m celebrating, in chronological order…..

—The day in 1982 when my family moved across town so my dad could start working at Mason Church of Christ. 30+ years later I’m grateful for such a wonderful home church and friends who are now like family.

—The Sunday night in 1993 as I drove home from youth group and thought, “I should slow down a bit” as I approached a hill, even though I wasn’t speeding, and then topped over it to see a huge deer standing in the middle of the road.

—The day in September 1995 when I auditioned and was accepted for the Touring Choir at Grove City. I made all of my closest college friends and many of my best memories because of my three years in this group.

—The afternoon in 2002 when my sort-of boyfriend who was a more-than-sort-of-atheist realized why our relationship needed to end. If he hadn’t understood and even supported it, I probably wouldn’t have had the emotional strength to end the relationship, and today I’d be married to someone who couldn’t understand the depths of me and who would fight me on how to raise our kids. We might otherwise be happy, but those are big deals.

—The last day of the 2002 NACC when I happened to be standing by Larry Winger backstage during a main session and he happened to mention that if I was ever interested in working at CDF to give him a call. I was and I did and I ended up spending the last half of my 20s in California.

—The Saturday afternoon soon after getting there when I dropped by the house of my one and only friend in town, Jill, to help her move to a new apartment. I asked what I could do and her roommate Heather handed me an electric drill and suggested we assemble her bed frame. Twenty minutes later we were laughing and a decade later we’re friends for life.

—The day in 2005 my dad and Paul Williams asked me to blog for Christian Standard. Because of that push to jump into blogging, I’ve met some incredible people, gotten interesting jobs from folks who wouldn’t have known me otherwise, found my “voice” as a writer, and even met my husband.

—The day in September 2006 after I was laid off from CDF with a dozen others and my wise friend Terry said, “Why don’t you try working for yourself?”

—The day in 2008 when I interviewed Greg and Jana for an article and we immediately clicked….the day in 2003 when Phil said, “You should meet my wife”……the day in 2000 when I watched “Survivor” with Wendy……The day in 2003 when Stan Endicott said, “I’m trying something new with worship planning at Mariners; come join us”……the day in 2007 when Pete McGowan suggested we talk about ways I could help PlainJoe…..all the many moments and conversations that have led to life-giving friendships.

—September 14, 2010, when I received an email from a stranger named Matt Johnson asking if he could get to know me.

—Saying “I Do” to him two years later.

—Last month in India when I got to preach for the first time.

What are the moments and decisions you’re most grateful for?

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