a blogging break

photo2Most social media experts will tell you that blogging is all about momentum. In fact, I have said that to others myself when asked for advice about launching a new blog. It’s important to post regularly and consistently, I’ll say, or you’ll have trouble developing a “voice” or building a following.

It’s good advice, and it’s true, but as we stumble into the new year I’m going to stop following it. This year marks the tenth year of this blog; since I started blogging in 2006 I’ve been laid off, started freelancing, moved from California to Nashville, bought a house, sold a house, married, moved to Philadelphia, become a stepmom, and gained and lost the same seven pounds at least seven times.

And while all those adventures have given me lots to talk about, I’m finding less to say these days. Part of it is simply the need for a break; ten years is a long time to write weekly about anything. Part of it is also that I can’t write about some significant parts of my life anymore; as a pastor’s wife I can’t write about a lot of Church-related things, and it’s not yet time to write about the stepmom experience. My work is still occasionally interesting, but I’m thinking of shaking that up, too, in ways that may or may not give me fodder for future musings about the church and the Bible and the culture.

holiday-breakSo I’m taking six months off. Perhaps if I use the time I would have spent blogging for some deeper thinking and wider reading, I’ll have some new thoughts to share. Maybe I’ll decide on a new approach for this space. Or maybe I’ll decide this blog has run its course and I’m going to do something else. Either way, I’ll circle back sometime this summer for the six of you breathlessly waiting to find out.

I’m sensing that 2016 might be a year of big changes for me; I feel stuck and stale in my work and in my routines and even in how I’m using my free time, all 11 minutes of it. Doing what I’ve always done is going to yield a year a lot like 2015, and 2015 was a C+ at best. So it’s time to try something new. For now, that means more listening and less talking, more reading and less writing. I’ll lose some momentum and probably some readers. But I’m excited to see what I’ll gain. Be warm and well-fed, and I’ll see you this summer.

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