9 things I learned this week

cluckyYou know Nikki really likes a toy when he carries it away from his people in his mouth and nestles it between his front paws and chews it until parts fall off.

He really likes Clucky, his birthday present.

Fewer hours of light = less happy Jen.

I find lists like this irresistible.

97% of coupons are for things I would never buy in the first place.

People believe what they want to be true.

Yeah, I’ll be watching this.

“He is eight and a half times better than me at writing the same book.” Maybe my career would go better if I used a man’s name.

Neither beingĀ a stepmom norĀ being a pastor’s wife are good life choices for a writer, because it means entire huge swaths of your life are off-limits. More on this Tuesday. Maybe.

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