9 things I learned this week

I like this one.

I like this one.


Christmas is coming….

I look forward to being alone in a quiet house and then I miss Matt as soon as he leaves.

Any time I ask Miles or Nina when they last washed their sheets, the answer is always going to be “Ummmm……..”

There’s nothing better than when a good friend says, “I’m praying for you this week” and you know he really is.

Even when the British make the list, “Citizen Kane” is always number one. WHY.

pope 2This is how Philadelphians show their enthusiasm for the Pope’s upcoming visit.

“When you are stressed, take a shower. You will feel productive and you will be clean.” This is actually good advice, whether you’re a college freshman or a 30-something freelancer.

Bronchitis–not only a winter thing.

Sometimes you just have to give in to the writer’s block and try again another day.

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