9 things I learned this week

garbage-canMy family will create leaning towers of trash with Tetris-like precision instead of just bagging it up and taking it out.

I’m now one of those people who listens to Christmas music during the whole year.

I need to read all of these and there is NEVER ENOUGH OF THE TIME.

Adding a 16-year-old boy with good grades to our auto insurance costs $2,009. Per year.

The DMV in Levittown, PA will not accept cash. First person to explain this to me gets a doughnut with sprinkles.

I wish I’d said this: ‘When Jesus is asked what the greatest command is, He says, “Love God and love your neighbor.’ But Christians don’t always act that way. Christians act like the greatest command is to tell everyone what all the other commands are.”

That moment on March 24 when you remember that on February 24 you agreed to write a 1500-word article due on April 1.

I can spend an hour of my Sunday reading about how other people spend theirs.

No matter how bad your day is today, you can have at least 3 minutes and 19 seconds of happy:

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