9 things I learned this week


<—- Yes, please.

Monday I did no work at all for the whole day for the first time since Christmas. I am terrible at sabbath-ing but I need to get better.

Going to the Poconos, staying at an inn, good food I didn’t have to cook, bouldering in the mountains—all great. But the real payoff is staying up late talking for hours with your stepkids.

These are brilliant. Don’t tell me you don’t have a palbatross.

If you interrupt me or if your responses indicate you only paid attention to half of what I said, you are training me not to talk to you.

I totally need to go to here!

Kentucky could learn something from North Carolina.

Sometimes “Can I review the article before you publish it?” really means “Can I rewrite it and make it worse?”

We can spend hundreds of dollars on clothes and school supplies and Nina will still ask for another new shirt for picture day. (No.)

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