This weekend I told my family I spend 90% of my time doing things I don’t want to do.

(On further consideration I revised my estimate to a more generous 80%.)

So: about 80% of my life is comprised of housework, laundry, grocery shopping, preparing meals, packing, unpacking, exercising, filing, paying bills, balancing my checkbook, cranking out copy, staying on top of emails, sitting in airports, researching, attending meetings, managing websites, mowing my yard, running errands, and meeting other assorted deadlines.

That leaves 20% for what I want to do: work on writing projects I care about (like this blog), read good books, watch good movies, work in my garden and my flowerbeds, start projects in my house I may not finish, travel for fun, and spend time with people I care about.

Perhaps this is just another sign I try to do too much. I really like being a freelancer but it’s demoralizing to start the day knowing it’s not possible to finish everything. I’d probably categorize more of my paid work as “things I want to do” if I wasn’t constantly fighting the clock to fit it all in.

Or perhaps this is just what it means to be an adult. Am I thinking about this incorrectly? Is it wrong to want a 60/40 split?

What percentage of your time do you spend doing things you really don’t want to do?

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