8 things I learned this week

tortilla_soup_420_2spoonsI hate colder weather, but I sure do love soup.

“Since worrying about the outcome is unproductive, I try to think about the next actions that will move the project forward. ” A good reminder to do the next right thing.

Whatever amount of internet speed $86 a month gets us, it’s not enough for four phones, two laptops, and an Xbox.

I’m going to miss Key and Peele.

I was okay with not getting a vacation this year until I found myself bugging a colleague for work only they could do, work that has to be completed before I can do my work, only to email them about it and get an out of office reply saying they’re on a beach.

I think it’s great that you’re an aspiring author, but please do not repeatedly post the info about your new self-published book on my Facebook page.

Running 15-20 miles a week means my clothes fit better, my body feels stronger—and my ankles hurt.

It’s more fun to be on long conference calls when Nina’s texting you these every ten minutes.


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