8 things I learned this week


When left to fend for themselves for dinner, Miles will eat leftover chicken and a baked potato. Nina will eat Frosted Flakes and drink an orange soda.

The water is 57 degrees at Belmar Beach on Memorial Day.

My computer will only need a 30-minute software update when I’m on a deadline and crunched for time.

You know from last week I’m on an Enron kick. But seriously, this is amazing.

I’ll cheat on the vegetarian thing for chicken and apple sausage at a cookout.

Brunches, day trips, church activities, weekends with friends–my parents have the most active social life of anyone I know.

It costs $27.60 to buy breakfast for four teenagers at a convenience store.

I’m a doer by nature, not a thinker. I’m still, um, thinking about what this means for me professionally.

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