59% of Americans do not believe in a Messiah who will return someday.
33% believe nothing happens (either way) after we die.
Only 30% believe God communicates with some of us directly, and only half of those folks believe they’re one of the chosen.

I know these statistics, and many more, because today I discovered BuzzDash, a website full of polls gauging—and presenting in pie-chart format—opinions on everything from sports to celebrities to philosophy.

Each poll also shows how many votes have been received (so you can somewhat contextualize the results) and how much longer it’s open for voting. The numbers change as you’re watching, and it really does live up to its own hype as “a real-time forum where people can solicit, measure and share opinions on nearly any issue.”

If none of the current polls interest you or pertain to the service you’re working on this week, you can also create your own and get feedback right away. For instance, Krispy Kreme received 57% of the “Who’s rocking your world when it comes to doughnuts?” vote—so now you know, and you can at least have good treats in the foyer.

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