Recently my sister in law Lisa sent me some pictures of a real, live liger. (Check them out on http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/liger.asp).

If you’re a fan of Napoleon Dynamite (and if you’re not, why not?) you know that a liger is a combination tiger and lion, “bred for its skills in magic, and pretty much my favorite animal.” I didn’t think they actually existed (outside of Napoleon’s world) until reading the email that accompanied the photos.

This liger is 10 feet from nose to tail, weighs half a ton, and runs 50 mph. He’s an amazing, and amazingly beautiful, animal.

Last week I had a few days when I wondered if God has forgotten me. Do you ever feel that way? Intellectually, of course, I know he has not. But when I stewed on various circumstances he’s caused (or allowed), I began thinking that perhaps his plan for me started out well but then he lost interest or it got too complicated. Like Joseph, locked away in prison for years, I wondered if God had brought me to this place in my life just to leave me here. (Yes, I know the comparison is melodramatic—your feelings have never taken precedence over rational thought?)

But these pictures were a great reminder of just how mighty and powerful God really is.

He is not only the Creator God who makes everything from this huge cat to my own Louie The Wonder Cat (who thinks he is a liger)—he is also Ruler God, who sets the boundaries of the ocean and before whom the mountains melt like wax.

And still I worry needlessly about so many things, things I know he has under control. Do I think the God who created ligers can’t solve my problem? Do I think the God who crumples up the mountains in his fists can’t move a few rocks in my life? Thanks, Lisa, for the reminder of his sovereignty.

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