Arron did a great job sharing the impact of last night’s NACC session. No doubt much more will be written and spoken about this week’s events, and about the exchange of Bibles and embraces between church of Christ and Christian church leaders at the end of Thursday night’s worship.

One thing I appreciated was that as Jeff and Dave, and then leaders of other churches from both groups, and then leaders of colleges and universities from both groups, and then the two worship leaders for the week all exchanged well-worn Bibles, it was an appropriate gesture—it was a meaningful gesture—but it wasn’t a sentimental or theatrical gesture just intended to jerk tears. The conflict between the two groups was real, so it was great to see the steps toward reconciliation be just as genuine.

I’m hopeful that even now there are some family members from “across the keyboard” who are checking out Christian Standard and its blogs, just as I plan to begin reading more of your periodicals and websites. I’m happy to hear from all readers, of course, but if you are a young leader in the non-instrumental movement, I would love to hear from you—to meet you—to begin getting acquainted. We have a lot of catching up to do! Be in touch, won’t you?

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