16 ways to make your minister happy at Christmas



1. Say the following to him in November: “What’s the biggest need for the Sunday before Christmas? What about Christmas Eve? I’m on it.”

2. Give him a gift card (or just some cash!). Do not give him a plate of cookies, an inspirational wall hanging, or a Bible.

3. Encourage him to take off the weekend after Christmas (or, even better, the entire week), and enthusiastically attend services that Sunday even though he’s not preaching.

4. Give extra money to the church.

5. Do not expect him to be at all three performances of the children’s program, even if his kid is in it.

6. Write him a letter sharing a few things you have especially appreciated about him during the last year.

7. Help him shovel his driveway after a big snow. Better yet, volunteer to join the snow-clearing crew for the church parking lot.

maxresdefault8. Make sure he gets his “Christmas bonus” before Christmas is over.

9. Take the kids for an evening or an entire Saturday so he and his wife can relax, go on a date, or finish Christmas shopping.

10. Buy him three months, six months, or even a whole year of something fun from www.amazingclubs.com. He’ll enjoy looking forward to gifts in the new year.

11. Find out when the staff is busiest and deliver good coffee and pastries, or great sub sandwiches, or piles of pizza. Pay for it, set it up, provide all the plates and cups, and clean up afterward.

12. Tell his wife ahead of time that you plan to bring over a hot dinner. Ask her about any food allergies, what night she’d like the meal, and what time you should show up. Tell her not to worry about returning the dishes.

13. Over the coming year, jot down the best insights and quotes from his sermons in a notebook. At the end of the year, present it to him along with a note of thanks. (Bonus: you’ll pay more attention during the services!)

14. Find out what he loves and get him the best, even if it’s a small quantity: premium coffee beans, good chocolate, excellent steaks, or some other treat.

15. Don’t forget the other staff members.

16. Say “thank-you” for everything he does.

(Originally written for Christian Standard.)

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