15 things I learned on vacation

Yak tastes a lot like beef but costs $4 more.

It doesn’t rain much in Colorado, unless the Johnsons are going to a waterpark.

I want to travel everywhere by train.

It’s good that Miles didn’t lose his suitcase, because he simply wrote “Cheesesteak City” as the address on his luggage tag.

Nina doesn’t talk much when the hike starts at 7 am and she stayed up until 1am watching “The Office.”

Abhineeta Matney makes amazing Indian food from scratch (and she’s gracious when you’re 15 minutes late because of the bad traffic in Denver).

There is always, at every moment, bad traffic in Denver.

Elk are kind of cute.

When you get altitude sickness and stop on a side road to maybe be sick, a local will appear and ask you not to “blow grits” on his property.

People at the Boulder County fair get really excited about the Demolition Derby.

I can stay in the chicken house approximately 11 seconds before the smell makes me want to blow grits.

When it rains, the five-piece brass band playing outside, loudly, at Oscar Blues brewery will play inside, loudly.

The selections will include a horn version of “Gangster’s Paradise.”

Nina is not a hugger, but she’ll occasionally show affection by jabbing you in the shoulder with her index finger.

I got three jabs.


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