Each week you hear more: more ministers caught in affairs or “inappropriate conduct,” more pastors convicted of tax evasion or fraud, and more leaders damaging ministries with their own pride and ego.

Last weekend some friends and I talked about this at length—are there any leaders—especially megachurch guys—who don’t do this stuff?

Well, by the grace of God, there are a few who have not yet cheated on their wives, stolen their church’s money, developed an addiction, or exasperated their staff. But even the remaining holdouts demonstrating character and integrity have no doubt struggled with lust, greed, or anger.

Enter this book; In Deadly Viper Character Assassins Jud Wilhite and Mike Foster write about seven major temptations leaders face—the “character assassins” lying in wait to destroy marriages, churches and the leaders themselves. Even more importantly, they describe nun-chucks and bos for defeating these opponents—things like transparency, accountability, and generosity. Popular personalities like Marcus Buckingham, Craig Groeschel, and even Dog the Bounty Hunter kick in their two cents.

Through it all Mike and Jud very honestly share their own struggles and even failures in these areas—and provide grace and encouragement for other leaders struggling to maintain or reclaim integrity despite their deadly opposition.

You, your leadership team, and probably your boss all need to read this book and get serious about character. Order it, download video and audio, and learn more at www.deadlyviper.org.