14 things I learned this week


Things I care about more than football: all the things.

The Cairn University library does not open until noon on Saturdays, but if you arrive at 10:57 am because it never occurred to you they would open so late, and the door is open, and you duck down when they come in at 11:49 am to turn on the lights, they will never know you snuck in an hour early. Hypothetically.

I like doing sermon research.

I’ll read anything Eddie Lowen writes.

This is an incredible story.

Jimmy Fallon is funny in part because he genuinely wants other people to be funny. His show is fun because he wants other people to have fun. When you’re generous with the spotlight, everybody’s game goes up a level.

10923574_10155119849845464_7981809651516994056_nThere is a version of the stomach crud that lasts three days and then you still can’t eat much for another four (and counting).  #themoreyouknow

Nikki is a good buddy when you’re stuck in bed.

Your mom might be a little in your business, but it could be a lot worse (and more entertaining).

“If you preferred not to know what’s in your ham, bacon, and Spam before, you’re really not going to want to know now.

It will never, ever occur to a teenager to wash the sheets.

It’s ten times as fun to go to Target if Matt goes with me.

Sports Ilustrated‘s idea of “plus-size” is WAY different than mine.

I should probably get a measles booster shot.

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