12 things I learned this week


I’m sort of a computer ninja.

Just enough SEO techniques to be dangerous.

Matt is great at planning dates.

Don’t go to Trader Joe’s on Saturday afternoon.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m kinda pro-Jesus and yay-Christian and everything. But reading the Old Testament prophets makes me want to, well…..do anything except read the Old Testament prophets.

Meryl Streep LEARNED POLISH so she could play a woman speaking English with a Polish accent and speaking Polish with a German accent in Sophie’s Choice (for which she won an Oscar). Are you not getting the results you want because you’re just not willing to do the work?

In Pennsylvania, it snows on the first day of spring.


But that’s okay because this.

A Worst Things on the Internet Bracket is way more fun than your basketball one. “Conference-calling is like swimming, in that human beings clearly aren’t gonna get any better at it, no matter how much time we’re given.”

People really like those “my life in texts” posts. (Whoever messaged me from Colorado, thank you.)

It is very, very, very difficult to say no to a 6-day trip to the Caribbean with your best friend from high school even though there are many, many, many reasons you shouldn’t go.

When you babysit five kids, you hear lots of things like, “I need some alone time because Sawyer keeps sitting on my head.”

When your gut says, “Maybe I shouldn’t let the four-year-old eat chocolate pudding on the couch,” follow your gut.

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