12 things I learned this week

If I say good night with a bowl of granola before bed I will say good morning to an upset stomach.

The first thing Miles and Nina do after not seeing each other for a week is try to pin each other under the dining room table.

Every time I get a new client I also get a new unexpected bill.

There are advantages to being a student.

But for the sake of my sanity, I’m not taking a grad school class this summer.

I write my best blog posts in my head in the shower.

59556893The post office will not deliver your package if your dog is on the front porch, nor will they leave a slip letting you know it exists and it’s at the post office.¬†

The post office people don’t like it when you try to pick up a package without a slip.

I don’t like the post office people.

All those rumors you’ve heard about food at Google seem to be true.

Sometimes the company contracting you for a writing project will ask you to do it for less than the usual rate and then tell the client you can turn it around in four days without mentioning it to you. And sometimes when you nicely say no way you get an extra two weeks and more money.

I could listen to Andrew Peterson play guitar and sing every song he’s ever written and the concert would still be over too soon.

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