11 things I learned this week


Philadelphia meteorologists are a bit excitable.

I’ve reached the age where I’m sore after a day of sledding.

It is wonderful to have a new generator to keep the heater running if the power goes out. It is not as wonderful to have the heater go out. God wants me to be cold.

Twenty percent of British children were conceived on an IKEA mattress.

My to-do list can be as long as my arm and I’ll still spend an hour on this site.

With some hand-holding by someone who actually knows what she’s doing, I can create a pretty decent WordPress website. Watch the blog Tuesday for more.

We don’t think rationally about pretty much anything.

There may be an actual wormhole in our galaxy, which is the coolest thing ever.

Whether you believe in God or evolution or both, it doesn’t seem very smart for the areas of the brain responsible for decision making and impulse control to develop last.

If you want two-year-olds to squeal with joy, ask Miles to “wrestle” with them. Can’t wait to see what a great dad he’ll be someday.

Nikki will stay occupied for half an hour if you fill his water bowl with snow.

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