11 things I learned this week

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I correctly predicted 95% of my Facebook friends’ reactions to the refugee situation before they posted anything.

I’m never going to like my hair.

Trying to get my ICOM sermon on YouTube is enough to make me lose my religion.

The country of Niger is pronounced “Nee-zher.” Did everyone else know that??

There are few things more life-giving for me than time with old friends who get me and love me anyway.

Ninja-level ability to sleep on airplanes is one of my favorite things about myself.

Being deliberate with our time is possibly more important that just being productive. “What would make me feel like I’ve spent this time well? What could I do that would make me proud of myself?”

When it comes to creativity, quantity can lead to quality.

Swai is slimy.

All that running I’ve been doing comes in handy when I have an eight-minute layover in the Charlotte airport.

Here’s where to get pizza in Stockton, California. Just in case you need it.

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